Art Basel Miami 2018


Justin: First Off, Congratulation for being recognized as one of Miami’s best dressed at the Dope District Streetstyle Meet-Up. What are you wearing?

Paige: Thank you so much for recognizing me! This is definitely a first, so I appreciate it alot! I am wearing the Bali dress from Style Mafia", a T-Shirt and jeans both from H&M, and the So Kate Booty from Christian Louboutin. I also accessorized with cat eye sunglasses from Forever 21 and handbag from ASOS.

Justin: Nice! With such a colorful and eclectic style, what was the inspiration behind your look?

Paige: My inspiration actually came from another influencer in Miami, Gabriela Medina.

Justin: That’s actually really dope. I love when people can draw inspiration from their peers. What are some of your other style influences?

Paige: I get some of my inspiration from previous Fashion Week streetstyle photos, Zendaya, uniques shoes, and sometimes certain colors will influence an outfit I put together.

Justin: I love it! It’s interesting that you say a color has the strength to inspire you to put a look together; you don't hear that too often. What are your favorite places to shop in Miami?

Paige: To be honest, I do a lot of my shopping online. If I do find a piece I like in a store, I tend to look at Style Mafia, House Findings, Zara, H&M, and TopShop.

Justin: I heard you mention you were wearing a Style Mafia dress, I didn’t realize they were local to Maimi. I’m sure you love that haha. Well, where can we keep up with you and your style?

Paige: You can follow my style on instagram @paigealexis2 or check out my blog:

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