November 2018 Recap


Dope District: That’s a lot of archive pieces, and not something you see often in Atlanta. What was your inspiration behind your look?

Ezra: The Inspiration behind my look was Chrollo from the anime Hunter x Hunter, usually I base all of my outfits around an anime or video game character.

Dope District: That’s really unique. It’s not often that you hear style inspiration from anime or video game characters. What are your other style influences?

Ezra: Pretty much everything influences me with style. It could be random people on the street, the guy behind the counter, or some person I see in the back of a youtube vlog. But if I had to say what the heaviest style influence on me is; it is anime characters.

Dope District: That’s dope! Being able to draw style influence on a regular day basis is really special and provides longevity within fashion. With such a unique style and a desire for archival pieces, where are your favorite places to shop in Atlanta?

Ezra: No Signal and A Ma Maniere. They both have a great overall curation and best of all…they have my sizes.

Dope District: Haha. Yeah, you seem like a pretty small guy so finding spots that offer your sizes has to be important. Where can we keep up with you and your style?

Ezra: @ezrakenyon on Instagram

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