Public Display of Faith

This morning I don’t come with scripture but with a message.This morning, I traveled via subway in New York City, and I felt led to pull out my Bible and read. This doesn’t sound like much, and I’m not telling you this put myself on any pedestal but to ask a question and challenge you. As believers, we all know that it is not easy to confidently and publicly share your faith in most environments. Let’s face it, a majority of the world has some idea of Jesus but no ever really talks about it. All of our relationships with Jesus are personal, but we are also meant to share. What better way to encourage and spark spirit lead conversation than to just put yourself out there? What are we so afraid of when it comes to showing deeper parts of who we are? What do we have to lose, when God lost it all for us? I challenge you to put your pride aside and do something that speaks out on your faith in a way that doesn’t necessarily require words but actions. I love you 

Justin BooneComment