Where are you located? do you travel?

I am currently based in Atlanta, GA and yes I am open to travel for business as long as accommodations are prepared and settled.

What are your rates for collaborations?

If you are looking to collaborate, please reach out via my contact page or send a detailed email to contact@justin-boone.com.

What determines who you work?

I choose my collaborative work very carefully. The brand has to have a vision and a product that will accurately represent my style in order to ensure unique, authentic content. I stand behind every brand that I collaborate with so if there is no relationship then it makes it more difficult to bring the work together.


what influences your style?

My love for fashion and the base of my style is inspired by my mother, highly acclaimed costume designer, Johnetta Boone. My mother and I have a great bond, and share very similar interests in fashion as she has molded me to create my own eye for what looks good and what doesnt.

where do you aspire to be?

I aspire to be a creative director, recognized for my style, input, and creative attributions. I would like to take on projects at a larger scale so that I can inspire on wider platforms.

What is your purpose?

As an ambassador for Jesus Christ, I believe everyone has purpose and knowing you purpose is very important. I know that my purpose is to inspire through everything that I do, both artistically and not.